Fishifox POS System

Point Of Sales System

Fishifox POS Systems offers a full-featured point of sale system. From our system you get much more information about the sale than you could gather with a manual system.Fishifox POS system suits a range of businesses such as cooperatives, bookstores, pharmacy, shoes shops, cloths shops and much more.

Every business is unique so Fishifox POS Systems give our best solution for your own requirement.

Our POS System program comes with lots of features, including inventory management, customer management and social media integration. Fishifox POS system makes better decisions about sales and purchasing.

Adjust purchasing levels accordingly sales data.

Make your business sales history to help adjust your buying decisions for regular purchasing trends.

Our POS system solution is suited for any size business and any number of users.

Fishifox POS System is more customizable and user-friendly graphical interface system.

Invoice Management
POS Hardware
Pharmacy Management
Small Shop Management


Our system let you to Manage Inventory
Manage items up to 10,000 ,
low-inventory alerts, estimates for future order
Track sales history
Maintaining employment details (User Permissions, Time-Trackingand productivity reports)
Maintaining Customers (Track sales history,capture customer infomation and contact list)